Pink Beach: Komodo Islands’ Most Instagrammed Pink Sand Beach

If you are looking for exotic, then look no further than Komodo Island Pink Beach! This incredible pink sand beach graces the shores of the islands of Komodo and makes for an incredible Instaworthy experience!

Pink beaches are not commonly found, with there only being 7 in the entire world! The Komodo Pink Beach (or Pantai Pink Pulau Komodo in Indonesian) being one of the pfew that is equally close to other incredible destinations in Komodo National Park.

This adventure is definitely worth adding to your bucket list!

woman laying on Pink sand beach Pink Beach Komodo islands

This spectacular phenomenon just a short boat ride from the coastal town of Labuan Bajo.

Pink Beach day tours are easy to find but you also have the option to visit the Indonesian Komodo Island Pink beach via a live-aboard cruise.

Pink Beach Indonesia, is just one of the picturesque destinations that you can visit in Komodo National Park, others include Padar Island, Rinca Island (the habitat of the Komodo Dragon), Kelor Island, and Kanawa Island. Apart from this, the aquatic creatures that lie below Manta Point, Siaba Island, and Kanawa are just as beautiful to sight!

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Pink Beach Komodo Islands

These incredible gems lie in the eastern islands of Indonesia, Pink Beach is often visited for the pink sand, but you’ll find there are more things to actually do on Pink Beach. Komodo Islands make for an incredible trip, whether you’re going for the day or doing a sublime Komodo Cruise!

Here, we are talking all things Pink! Komodo Island’s Pink Beach is so easy to visit, learn how below!

What makes the sand pink?

As mentioned above, there are only 7 pink beaches in the WORLD! So to visit just one of these pink sand beaches is an incredible luxury. The pink sand is created by tiny single-celled organisms called Foraminifera. They are actually red and grow beneath coral reefs.

When these little organisms die they descend to the ocean floor beds and mix with pieces of coral and crushed shells. The pink sand is created when this mixture washes up on shore and literally turns the sand pink created the phenomenon of a pink sand beach!

Foraminifera and crushed shells creating Pink Sand for Pink Beach
Foraminifera and crushed shells (Image from Unsplash – Timur Kozmenko)

Where is Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located in the Indonesia Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Flores, East of Bali and Jakarta. Pink Beach is just a short boat ride from the seaside town of Labuan Bajo. Find the Pink Beach Indonesia location here. This Komodo Beach is a must for a traveller visiting the Indonesia Komodo Island.

How to get to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the destination from which you will depart for Pink Beach. The Pink Beach Labuan Bajo trip is only available by boat. A flight to Labuan Bajo is the easiest form of transportation. Labuan Bajo is sometimes referred to as Komodo Island (but it’s not), the reason why is because it’s the only way to get to Komodo Island is through Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo has an airport called Komodo airport, Here’s a summary of the flights to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo.

PLEASE NOTE: This flight schedule may have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Make sure to check with the airlines directly before booking your flights

Labuan Bajo flight schedule

Flights from Bali to Komodo Island are only an hour-long, flying from Jakarta is a bit longer and usually also has a transit through Lombok or Bali. Flights to Komodo Island only depart major cities, so depending on where you’re coming from will determine your route accordingly.

Are there Bali to Komodo tours? Most tours that advertise this will still involve flying you into Labuan Bajo and then taking the boat tour out from there. So the flights are just included in the tour price. Most (if not all) Flores Komodo Tours depart from Labuan Bajo.

aerial drone view of Pink Beach
Aerial View of Pink Beach

How to get to Pink Beach from Labuan Bajo

Getting to Pink Beach is not difficult at all, but it will require getting to Labuan Bajo first as mentioned above. There are two ways to get to do the Labuan Bajo Pink Beach trip:

OPTION 1: A day trip (stay the night in Labuan Bajo, day trip by boat to Pink Komodo Island Beach)

OPTION 2: A live-aboard cruise Komodo Islands Boat Tour (set sail from Labuan Bajo and sleep on board a boat while island hopping Flores Komodo National Park)

Check out my detailed guides below to help choose which will be the best option for you!

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Things to do at Pink Beach

The Komodo National Park Pink Beach is not sure a beauty to behold, there actually a few ways to pass your time on your stunning Pink Beach Flores Komodo tour:

Soak up the Sun

Ok, so this is just a given, but there is nothing more satisfying than laying on the Komodo Island Indonesia Pink beach. Letting the water gently lap at your toes and bask in the magnificence of this unique pink sand.

couple laying on pink sand beach in komodo islands flores
couple standing on Pink Sand Beach
couple standing on Pink Beach Flores

Find Nemo

Apart from just enjoying the peaceful turquoise waters while you cruise Komodo Island, I definitely recommend you dive in and snorkel in this stunning underwater beauty. Some may say Pink Beach Komodo Indonesia’s gem is not abundant in sea creatures, but we actually saw a few great fish – so definitely don’t pass up the opportunity.

Take a Trek up to the Viewpoint

When visiting Komodo Island very few people actually realise that there are hilltop viewpoints for Pink Beach. You’ll see these paths on both sides of the beach. The hills are not especially steep, but I’d recommend wearing shoes, as it’s not paved.

It really makes for a wonderful panoramic view if you’re not using any aerial photography equipment on Pink Beach Komodo National Park.

Green landscape of Pink Beach Komodo National Park during rainy season
The lush green landscape of Pink Beach during the rainy season

What to Pack for Pink Beach

Packing for a Pink Beach day trip only requires a couple of items:

Sunscreen (load it on)

Swimwear (if you want to partake in the water activities)

Beach Towel (drying off and laying on)

Beach Mat (if you don’t want to use your towel)

Waterproof day bag (to kept all your essentials dry)

Aqua boots (for snorkelling and walking up to the viewpoint)

Drinking water and snacks (there are no shops or vendors on the island)

Photography equipment (drone photography was permitted at the time of travel)

ocean and pink sand on Pink Beach Komodo Islands

Pink Beach Entrance Fees

The fees for Pink Beach can get somewhat tricky if you don’t know what’s going on. Depending on whether you’re doing a day trip or sailing aboard a boat to Komodo for island hopping will determine how much in fees you pay.

Entrance to Pink beach only is IDR 150 000 on weekdays and IDR 250 000 on weekends.

If you are visiting the other islands, and depending on the activities you partake in like hiking and snorkelling etc there are individual fees.

TRAVELIST TIP: If you are doing a tour, make sure you find out what entrance fees are involved and whether they are/aren’t included in your tour price. For most live-aboard sailing tours the fees are excluded and paid individually at the Komodo National Park reserve on Rinca Island the island of Komodo dragons.

Things to Do in the Komodo Islands

Go Komodo Dragon Spotting

The Indonesian Komodo Dragon lives on an island of Komodo, Komodo’s Rinca Island is the easiest place to see these incredible mini Jurassic Park-like creatures. Can I spot Komodo Dragons on other islands? Yes, although it’s not as common to see Komodo dragons on the other islands, pink beach, Pulau Komodo, and even Padar Island are areas to which the Komodo dragon is known to travel.

Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park
Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park

Swim with Manta Rays

These wonderful creatures are a delight to see in the waters of Komodo National Park. These gentle giants are completely safe to snorkel and dive with but do try your best not to touch them. These floating beauties are sighted when diving in Komodo or even snorkelling at Manta Point.

Experience Sunrise at Padar Island

This image often pops up when searching for Komodo islands and it’s an incredibly unique landscape to see in person! The ‘hike’ is merely a steep paved walk to the top of the hill and features jaw-dropping panoramic views of the rocky terrains and shorelines.

padar island view from highest point at sunrise
Padar Island

Enjoy the Colours and Views of Kelor Island

image showing panoramic landscape of Kelor Island taken from the highest point on the hill of Kelor Island
The gorgeous colours of Kelor island panoramic landscape

Kelor Island is a beautiful start to your Komodo trip being only a short trip from Labuan Bajo by boat. Painted with the crayons of mother nature, these vibrant hues are best experienced from above!

Sunset at Kalong with 1000’s of Flying Foxes

Seeing the migration of 1000’s of flying foxes is the perfect way to end any day on the waters in the Komodo Islands. Watching the skies turn to the purples, warm ombre of oranges and red in the sunset whilst lounging on the deck with a sundowner is my idea of perfection!

sunset boat view at Kalong Island
Sunset from the boat at Kalong Island

Hotels in Komodo

Unfortunately, there are no hotels in Komodo National Park, the closest hotels are in the seaside town of Labuan Bajo from which all Komodo tours depart. I’ve written an extensive article on accommodation in Labuan Bajo of which all the hotels have sea views!

The hotels in Labuan Bajo have options for all budgets. Budget travellers or luxury resort seekers will be pleased with these offerings!

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Pink Sand Beach of Komodo

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Komodo Island’s Pink Beach is an absolute delight to visit and makes for an incredibly relaxing moment on your Komodo Islands Boat tour. Have you been to Komodo’s Pink Beach or any pink sand beaches?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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