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Hello, fellow Indonesia enthusiasts and potential partners! ๐ŸŒดโœจ

From the bustling streets of Jakarta to the serene beaches of Bali and beyond, I’m here to share with you the heart and soul of this incredible archipelago through my eyes. My mission? To inspire, inform, and ignite a passion for Indonesia in the hearts of travellers worldwide.

About Me

I’m Kaylini, an audiologist turned full-time Indonesian adventure blogger. After falling utterly in love with Indonesia’s diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and warm-hearted people, I decided to turn my passion into a platform that celebrates everything Indonesian. The Curated Travelist was born from a desire to showcase the beauty of Indonesia beyond the well-trodden paths, sharing personal anecdotes, hidden gems, cultural insights, and practical tips with a growing community of like-minded explorers. Learn more about me hereโžก๏ธ

As a woman, a person of colour, a lover of Indonesia and a diverse genre traveller I encompass a wide audience from a multitude of regions both locally and internationally. My travel blog is an approachable, informative and helpful resource to those new and existing travellers visiting Indonesia who want to experience the country effortlessly and immersively.

About My Audience

With a vibrant and engaged audience of approximately 15K Monthly Blog Visitors, The Curated Travelist reaches a wide demographic (specifics below) all united by a shared curiosity and love for Indonesia.

  • Ages: 24 to 40 years old
  • Gender: 59% Female; 41% Male
  • Locations: Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, USA and UK
  • Language: English-Speaking
  • Interests: Travel/Travel Buffs/Beachbound Travelers

Let’s Collaborate!

Are you looking to promote your brand, destination, or service to a passionate and targeted audience of Indonesian travel enthusiasts? I’m open to a variety of collaborations and would love to hear from you! Here’s how we can work together:

  • Featured Blog Posts: Customized well-written and researched SEO-optimized content that aligns with your brand and my audience’s interests.

  • Press Trips: I’d love to work with regional and national tourism boards as there are a number of off-the-beaten-path and unique destinations that I’d love to showcase on the blog that is currently not being showcased anywhere online

  • Visuals and Photography: Stunning images and videos that tell the story of your brand or destination.

  • A Creative eye for designs and visuals: I do my own design and editing from scratch

  • Email Marketing: Promotions and partnerships that can be featured in my newsletter.

  • Access to a Diverse Audience: Leverage my platform to reach a wide but targeted group of Indonesian aficionados.
  • Other Services: Got something else in mind? Let’s talk!


Rates and Compensation

I believe in transparent and fair partnerships that benefit both parties. While I’m flexible and open to discussing various forms of compensation for collaboration, you are most welcome to pop me an email with your ideas, criteria and budget or proposal so that we can start the conversation.

Get in Touch with Me

Ready to embark on this exciting journey together? Please reach out to me at kaylini @ thecuratedtravelist (dot) com with the following information:

  • Your name and company
  • A brief overview of your project or collaboration idea
  • Your goals for this partnership
  • Any specific requirements or deadlines
  • Budget (if applicable)

I’m looking forward to potentially partnering with you to create something truly special and impactful for our audiences. Let’s make waves and spread the beauty of Indonesia far and wide!

Warmest regards,