20+ Places to find the Best Floating Breakfasts in Bali

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Floating or not floating?

In the new era of social media, selfies and Instagram there has been a trend to up the idea of what luxury is. Indonesian Cities like Bali has been pivotal in this movement!

Here we’ve found already gorgeous hotels and resorts creating the groundbreaking dining concept called the ‘floating breakfast’. Bali has so much going for it already and this just adds another 100+ points to its leaderboard.

I can’t imagine that anyone was ever bored eating breakfast at a regular hotel but, just imagine this...

Refreshingly cool water lapping at your body, the wafting aroma of richly brewed coffee tickling your nose and the vibrant sight of a colourful board of scrumptious fruit, pastries, dense loaves and breakfast treats floating towards you.

Could there be anything more exciting than a floating breakfast in this tropical paradise?

The Bali floating breakfast is the one Bali bucket list experience that needs to be completed in addition to other must travel activities like lazing on the silken beaches, island hopping, temple visits, colourful cultural ceremonies and dramatic dances.

This may be the most extra thing you may do on your trip here, but despite this being totally for the gram, it’s a slice of pure luxury and deliciousness so why not spoil yourself – at least once

Instagramers from all over the world visit Bali only to take that love-to-hate photo of themselves enjoying their breakfast in their (often private) pool.

Can you actually say you’ve been to Bali if you don’t have the shot of your floating breakfast?

This is your Ultimate Floating Breakfast Bali List!

P.S: If you think this luxurious experience comes with a hefty price tag, you’d actually be wrong. This wonderful Bali bucket list experience carries a price range from 5 star-dripping luxury to affordable budget-friendly options equally worthy of your Instagram feed.

In this article I’ve outlined the best floating breakfast in Bali and where to find them.

So let’s slip into our swimwear, get your camera ready and dive into the Bali floating breakfast experiences that you need to try on your next trip to the Island of the Gods:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In compiling this list, pricing for breakfast was sourced in 2020, pricing may have changed in the time of COVID-19 as well as regulations regarding this offering at resorts and hotels. Please check with your hotel prior to booking to see whether this service is still offered as well as the pricing. Images are sourced from the Instagram accounts of the hotel to ensure there are no false representations of the items on offer. 

Ubud Floating Breakfast

Ubud seems to be the epicentre for all Bali pool breakfasts. You’ll find the most variety of floating breakfast in Bali here in Ubud.

The concentration of luxury villas, lavish resorts, eco retreats and spas are plentiful in the area and pretty much all of them offer the infamous Bali floating breakfast.

Bali visitors will definitely have a trip to Ubud on their itinerary for the temples, wellness and lush rainforest and rice terraces so why not stay the night and try out one of these places. Find your best breakfast in Ubud below.

Kamandalu Resort

This is truly the ultimate indulgence especially for couples wanting to celebrate their love dripping in 5-star luxury! Begin your day in paradise on the highest note with a Bali breakfast or brunch incomparable to any other.

At Kamandalu Ubud you can relax in the comfort of your private pool and while being served your preferred breakfast selections comfortably in your swimwear and enjoying your floating breakfast in the ultimate setting overlooking the breathtaking beauty of Ubud’s terraced landscape.

Could the Kamandalu Ubud floating breakfast possibly be the best breakfast in Bali? Try it for yourself and let me know!

Book Here:
Agoda.com |
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 975 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: They have the option to experience this luxury for non-staying guests and a bottle of sparkling wine is included!

Samsara Ubud

The next floating breakfast Ubud Bali has to offer is at Samsara resort! If you thought breakfast in bed was romance, try their floating breakfast in your own villa’s private pool. Surrounded by lush green tropical abundance, you’ll truly feel like you’ve experienced paradise!

Located amongst the pristine tropical forests of Payangan, Samsara Ubud is the perfect sanctuary for romance, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Book here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 650 000++ net for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: The Samsara Ubud floating breakfast is the boat-shaped pool breakfast Bali lists rave about. It includes a great selection of fresh fruit, pastries and hot breakfast either American or traditional Indonesian. It’s extremely filling so neither of you will go hungry!

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Visesa Desa Ubud

With the room’s terraces overlooking rice fields, gardens and the surrounding lush jungle; rain showers and a private outdoor bathtub along with grand pools, This resort located in the Desa Visesa complex offers a sense of a tropical lifestyle in utmost comfort and style.

At Visesa Ubud Resort ancient traditions and practices of the Balinese culture combine seamlessly with all the many luxury conveniences and comforts discerning travellers expect from a resort ranked among the world’s best.

Hosting its authentic and exquisite breakfast platters, this resort truly knows how to throw a breakfast party. What’s more, they cover the entire pool in flower petals for this delicate morning celebration.

This may well be one of my favourite floating breakfast in Ubud!

Book here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 550 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: The flower bath! What is more iconic than a floating breakfast by the pool and rose petal laden flower bath? The decor and authenticity of the hotel truly speak to the Balinese culture. The spa treatments are also something not to be missed!

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Beji Ubud

This is a great budget option for those looking for affordable luxury!

Nestled in the junction of the Oos & Cerik River in the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali, lies Beji Resort. Enjoy the contours of the rolling hills lining the valley providing unobstructed views of the Sawah terraces.

Featuring 5 swimming pools, 2 of them being long infinity pools and 2 surface tension pools, you’re going to have an incredible time cooling off in this vibrant abundantly green paradise.

This the perfect place to enjoy your floating breakfast or floating brunch Bali style!

Book here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range
Pool: Shared
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 250 000++ for 2 people for the floating breakfast and IDR 400 000++ of the floating brunch option
WHAT WE LOVE: Not having to fork out a ton of Rupiah, its a pocket-friendly (but still stunning) room in the heart of the Balinese jungle! We definitely love the floating breakfast tray Bali brunch options too!

Pondok Naya

This quiet retreat offers something very special to those travellers looking for an affordable floating breakfast Bali villa offering. Located in the abundant area of rice terraces, tranquillity and calm are at their very essence.

As previously mentioned if you’re looking for a floating breakfast, Bali cheap seekers will be able to stay in one of the villas with a private pool and you truly will feel sheer and utter luxury tropical bliss.

Their floating tray Bali breakfasts are basic but delicious and still offer the sought after bucket list-worthy experience.

Book here:
Hotel Price Range: Affordable
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: Not specified
WHAT WE LOVE: The decor of the villas is truly sublime! The private pool is an oasis from the bustling Bali city life. This makes for one of the best budget hotels in Ubud with floating breakfasts.

Bliss Ubud Resort

The next floating breakfast Bali Ubud has to offer in the budget range is from this incredible resort. The Bliss Resort and Spa Ubud is another affordable option surrounded by lush rice paddies on the north side of Ubud. Strolling down the premises paths, truly transports you into another world.

Here you can allow yourself to melt into the natural beauty of serene Bali.

Wake up and enjoy floating breakfast, Ubud Bali then awaits for exploring, then return and visit the spa! The spa is absolutely affordable and highly recommended.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 100 000++ for villas with private pool
WHAT WE LOVE: Apart from the stunning floating pool breakfast tray, the spa is absolute magic! Try a hot stone therapy treatment after exploring the landscape of Ubud, but not before you receive your floating food tray for breakfast!

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Ubud Padi Villas

Ubud Padi Villas is a unique wooden villa with spectacular views of rice fields and Mount Agung.

With amazing private pools and views of the valley, this makes for a perfect escape from city life.

The floating breakfast of Ubud Padi Villas is said to be one of the best in the area, couple that with the incredible private pool and classic Balinese decor and you’re set for your time in paradise!

Its location is fairly secluded so you will feel the intimateness on arrival. This truly could be one of the best breakfast Bali has to offer.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Affordable
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 250 000++ for villas with private pool
WHAT WE LOVE: THOSE VIEWS!!! The fact that you can get this sort of holiday without breaking the bank is just incredible. 

The Kayon Jungle Resort

The Kayon Jungle Resort is a Bali hotel with floating breakfasts placed neatly on the Ubud hillside. The relaxing ambience of the resort is most likely the result of being surrounded by the holy Petanu River and lush and tropical rainforest.

This enchanting five-star boutique resort is designed in complete harmony with nature and does this by its clarity of being an adult only (guests must be 15 years or older) resort that prioritizes the experiences for honeymooners, romance, healing and relaxation.

This is the only five star boutique adult only resort in Bali

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: The floating breakfast is complimentary for a villa with a private pool
WHAT WE LOVE: The three-level terraced swimming pools inspired by the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces! We also love the fact that the pool and bar are open to non-staying guests to enjoy, but the floating breakfast option is only for staying guests in the villa.

Natya Ubud Resort

This is another hotel in Bali with floating breakfasts and a perfect blend of rural Balinese countryside, seclusion and a truly romantic atmosphere.

With iconic infinity pools with views looking out onto the jungle ravine and private pool villas, this hotel offers a complimentary massage to make your stay even more relaxing.

Who needs these Bali resorts on the water, when you can have these incredible jungle surrounds with your breakfast floating on water!

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Affordable
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 350 000++ for 2 people or IDR 700 000++ if you’re not staying at the hotel
WHAT WE LOVE: Infinity pool views, flower baths, custom romantic dinners and spa luxuries all neatly located in one destination.

The Royal Purnama

Purnama, meaning full moon in Balinese, is a day that is considered to be holy and is celebrated by hundreds of temples all over the island by hosting splendid ceremonies.

With this exclusive boutique retreat for sophisticated travellers boasting an ‘over-12-years-of-age’ policy, service and hospitality are of impeccable nature.

Set in the tranquillity of a rural oceanfront setting of southeast Bali in Sukawati, Gianyar district this luxury getaway has made the floating breakfast Bali best list by many travellers.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 400 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: You can choose your fav western breakfast treats or opt for some traditional Indonesian specialities to include with your tasty pieces of bread, pastries, fruits and juices whilst you gentle tickle your toes in your private pool.

Dedary Kriyamaha Resort Ubud by Pramana

This is an oasis for those seeking a true city escape. The villas with private pools make for an incredible experience as well as some amazing indoor-outdoor living.

Most if not all travellers visiting this establishment have raved about their careful attention to detail and utter satisfaction with the resort and its staff.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: Complimentary (the Bali swimming pool breakfast is free of charge but must be booked in advance).
WHAT WE LOVE: The Bali Indonesia floating breakfast craze makes it difficult to choose something to love about every place offering it, but when service and serenity are a high priority then this should be the place for you!

Puri Gangga

This charming luxury boutique resort is the place to experience Balinese culture, feel the magic and spirit as well as the peacefulness of the magical island.

The offering of this luxury resort is probably one of the best floating breakfast in Bali for it’s vibrant and Instaworthy presentation! Checking out all the Instagram posts shared, it makes for a worthy contender of most Instaworthy Bali bucket list accommodations.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 500 000++ for 2 people (or complimentary with a 3-night pool villa stay)
WHAT WE LOVE: Ok so we love a hotel with a floating breakfast, Bali has them aplenty but this place also has a citrus bath! The combination of organic citrus fruit (limes, lemons, oranges, tangerines), fresh flowers and fragrant pandan leaves will help to rejuvenate your skin cells. Totally worth trying!

Udaya Resort

‘A luxury resort in Ubud where the warmth of nature and hospitality sync into one harmony.’

This is probably the most picturesque of all the resorts I’ve seen in Ubud with 5-star amenities to equally boast of.

Whether you’re looking for a flower bath ceremony or even a flower pool, this resort will cater to the ultimate insta-fantasy with all the rich culture and heritage of the Bali tropical landscape.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 250 000++ available for the pool suite and pool villa
WHAT WE LOVE: The flowers! The flower bath or flower pool is something plucked from the fantasies of social media. The floating breakfast is equally glamourous and makes for the perfect Instaworthy shot!

Floating Breakfast Seminyak

Seminyak seems to be the next most populated area for the famed floating pool breakfast in Bali.

If you think the floating breakfast Bali Seminyak has to offer is anything less than what you’d get in Ubud, then you’re certainly mistaken!

These are just as photo-worthy, delicious and accessible to all budgets! Find your best breakfast in Seminyak below!

Ziva A Boutique Villa

If you’re looking for contemporary luxury in the quiet area of Seminyak then Ziva A Boutique is certainly for you. Hosting floor to ceiling glass walls coupled with the light wooden furniture and finishes, the villa is a city escape not too far from the city.

The outdoor bathrooms and massive private pools are the stuff dreams are made of!

Who could resist staying here when your floating breakfast is free with your booking, just be sure to give them advanced notice.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: The floating breakfast is included in the villa booking with a private pool.
WHAT WE LOVE: With villas this size, meals can also be served in your villa or out on the lovely poolside cabanas.

Aksari Villa

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Aksari Villa Seminyak is a short distance from Double Six Beach. It boasts luxurious villas with private pools and hot tubs.

With an eclectic mix of contemporary and Balinese decor, this villa is the perfect base for your stay in Seminyak.

The staff are more than pleased to assist you with upgrading your breakfast to an Aksari villa floating breakfast or even creating a delightfully vibrant flower bath.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Price Range: IDR 100 00++ in addition to your room rate for the private pool villa
WHAT WE LOVE: The facilities of a pool and hot tub for the private villa are incredible!

Nyuh Bali Villas

As you may have noticed by now, most Bali villa with floating breakfasts are actually complementary and this is the case here too. Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, Nyuh Bali Villa is designed as a haven to unwind while having easy access to the Seminyak vibe.

Each villa features the authentic Balinese style with a private pool, tropical greenery, and gorgeous amenities.

At Nyuh Bali Villas Seminyak, a floating breakfast is offered complimentary. When it looks this good and it’s free it comes close to being the best floating breakfast Bali guests will have on their trip!

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: Complimentary with a villa booking
WHAT WE LOVE: The incredible packages on offer, whether it’s a honeymoon package, a cultural Balinese experience, a blissful babymoon or birthday escape, a number of tailor-made options to suit your holiday needs!

IVilla by Ekosistem

These exquisite villas are elegantly designed with a refined touch of modern tropical architecture, which allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy being attentively spoiled by your own private butler.

Each villa comes with a private swimming pool, five-star modern comforts, and everything you could possibly imagine from a luxury boutique villa.

There is truly nothing comparable to this level of affordable luxury. It’s not a cheap floating breakfast in Bali, but the accommodation is well worth it for the price and what you’re getting.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: Complimentary with the villa and private pool booking
WHAT WE LOVE: Everything! The complimentary floating breakfast, flower bath and luxury amenities set this villa to a standard above others!

The Grand Daha A Luxury Resort and Spa

The Grand Daha, a luxury resort and spa by Daha Resorts offer luxury one-bedroom villas each with private pools and spacious two-bedroom private villas perfect for small groups.

Hosting a range of stunning villas, The Grand Daha is perfect for couples, honeymooners, romance, small groups, whether it be for a quiet getaway or a fun holiday.

Offering services like candlelit dinners, flower baths or pool arrangements and chef cooking a barbecue at your villa, how could one pass up such an opportunity at this Bali resort with a floating breakfast?

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 150 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: The Grand Daha is part of the Daha group and thankfully there is also the option to stay at The Daha if there isn’t availability at The Grand Daha. We also love the spa on-demand option so it really makes for a contender for the best Seminyak floating breakfast resort!

Floating Breakfast Legian

Ini Vie Villa

Hotels in Bali with floating breakfasts make all your Instagram followers turn green with envy, but visiting this one is truly going to wow you!

This one of my personal favourites for Instagram!

This is an extremely cosy but stylish villa in the trendy area of Legian.

It features a spa bath and a pool, where guests can relax on the pool floats or on the hanging chair swing

You can enjoy a floating breakfast experience in the pool every morning before you venture out to explore Bali, this is possibly the cheapest floating breakfast in Bali that isn’t included in a villa stay.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: IDR 80 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: You can hire floaties! As per the awesome pictures featured on Instagram, floating breakfasts, hanging swings, floaties and flower pools arrangements can be made! What more could one ask for?

Do you know of any other Floating Breakfast Bali Kuta hotel or resorts? or in the Legian area? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to add some more to this list.

Floating Breakfast Canggu

More hotels with floating breakfasts Bali boasts are in the area of Canggu. The floating breakfast Canggu offerings are delicious, vibrant and not limited to breakfast either. Check them out below!

Kalapa Boutique Resort and Yoga

This is a truly tranquil retreat focused on relaxation, nature and luxury.

A free floating breakfast can be arranged with your villa booking.

Enjoy some of their incredible packages featuring yoga, surfing, Balinese rituals or wellness.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range and Luxury Villas
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: Free with pool villa bookings
WHAT WE LOVE: The relaxing atmosphere, wonderful activities and packaged options.

Shore Amora Canggu

This unique property was designed to include its own inhouse rice paddies!

Clearly, a prime piece of landscape that is within easy walking distance to Pererenan Beach, Shore Amora Canggu is a must-visit on this list.

Their accommodation consists of a collection of contemporary rooms and villas to relax and escape without having to disconnect from the technology.

This wonderful establishment has a villa option that includes a private pool, massage and floating breakfast!

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: This Bali breakfast pool service is included with bookings of the one-bedroom villa with a private pool and massage (special package on Agoda.com)
WHAT WE LOVE: Their urban suites and nomad pool villa!

Cabina Bali

This is a unique and wonderfully vibrant place to enjoy meals of a floating nature!

There actually isn’t a Cabina floating breakfast per se, but you can certainly enjoy the floating brunch or any floating meals and cocktails on their deliciously diverse menu.

Offering a regular floating brunch, tropical floating brunch, romantic floating brunch or crafternoon tea, you’re spoilt for choice with options and their price caters for solo guests and couples!

Price range: Regular brunch: IDR 195 000++ 1 person IDR 350 000++ for 2 people
WHAT WE LOVE: The Cabina Bali floating breakfast is more like a brunch but nonetheless, we love the presentation, the vibe and the decor! It’s truly a fun place to visit!

Regali Villa

This stunning little hideaway is within walking distance from Echo beach and offers an incredible floating breakfast and flower bath on arrival with your villa booking.

It makes for a wonderful retreat in the heart of Canggu and sanctuary after exploring the island of Bali.

Book Here:
Hotel Price Range: Mid Range and Luxury
Pool: Private
Floating Breakfast Price: This pool breakfast in Bali is included with a pool villa booking
WHAT WE LOVE: Well apart from the delicious Bali floating brunch, we love the exceptional location, the outdoor bathroom and the attentive staff and hospitable service.

Floating Breakfast Bali FAQ

The Bali floating breakfast hotel list is a long one and I’ve unfortunately been unable to document them all in this travel guide

After this list at least, I hope I got your mouth watering, so book that ticket and start thinking about your Instagram floating breakfast captions!


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