10+ Stunning Flower Baths Bali experiences to Indulge & Relax

If you are looking for the ultimate Bali body experience, look no further than the infamous flower baths! Bali plays host to some of the best spa culture in the world

Just imagine yourself sipping on a warm citrus tea, whilst your body is invigorated and covered in a delectably fragrant host of tropical petals, essential oils and soothing water. 
This is what you’re in for when you book a Bali flower bath!

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself, enjoy a romantic couples spa experience, or purely doing it for the drool-worthy Instagram photographic experience, The best resorts in Bali offer magnificent flower baths and make for an incredibly relaxing and exquisite therapeutic experience

The experience of a flower petal bath in Bali is truly something that shouldn’t be missed, especially after a tiring trip of hiking the gorgeous jungle and waterfall landscapes.

Want to fulfil your every Instagram Fantasy?

Refreshing your skin after some harsh sun on an island and boat trip or even just to soothe your mind and body after a frantic and bustling trip of trying to cram everything into your Bali bucket list! 

When sourcing the best flower bath Bali has to offer, I’ve got you covered.

The flower baths in Bali pair well with other experiences too! Whether you’re into a Bali honeymoon experience, a delightful traditional Balinese massage or an incredible Bali retreat.

This article plays host to finding you the BEST (and most beautiful) flower baths in Bali with locations that include Ubud, Sideman, Canggu and Seminyak. What’s even more enticing is that some of these Bali flower baths are hosted in locations with a sweeping view of the jungle, rice fields and forest landscapes



Price Range

Type of Baths offered

Other activities offered by the spa/hotel

Most loved aspect of the spa/hotel

DISCLAIMER: Pricing was sourced during the period of 2020-2021 and as a result of COVID-19 prices may be subject to change. Images have been sourced directly from the official Instagram account of the spa/hotel/resort to ensure there are no misrepresentations. As always, please only travel when it is safe to do so.

Flower Bath Benefits

Ok, ok, some of us might just be doing this for the drop-dead gorgeous pictures, but I swear there actually are some health benefits!

In Bali, The Balinese people take their culture and heritage seriously and all customs and ceremonies and performed with purpose. This is also true for the flower bath. Bali flower bath is actually called the ‘ceremony of flowers’. 

The benefit of the flower bath will depend on the flower bath recipes for the bath base and the flower petals used. The Bali flower spa experience is certainly more worth doing when you see the benefits for your body, mind and soul. 

Flowers such as the lotus are used for skin softening

Rose petals are said to help hydrate the skin

Lavender brings about relaxation and calm

Marigolds are traditionally used in many Hindu ceremonies, and aim in healing swelling and bruising on the skin

The citrus bath also has incredible energizing benefits said to invigorate the skin and increase Vitamin C intakes. 

Detox baths and salt baths aid in relieving stress from the muscles and release tension

Milk and coconut baths help most prominently with skin hydration and suppleness.

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Where to get a Flower Bath in Bali 

Ubud Bali Flower Bath 

Ubud is known to be Bali’s cultural hub while being home to many Balinese Temples, rice terraces and breathtaking secluded villas.

It’s no wonder why the majority of the Ubud hotels have 5-star spas. Ubud not only is stunning but a very walkable area so getting around is just as easy.

Want to see a temple floating on water with the most epic sunset in Bali?

Kaveri Spa – Udaya Resort

When lux and rejuvenation is top of your list, look no further than the Udaya Resort and Spa. Having a wonderful option to stay at the hotel, or simply use the spa facilities. The Karsa spa is a standout for best spa in Bali.

Offering a multitude of treatments including massages, body scrubs, customized Individual and couples treatments starting from IDR 700K++ for the strawberry package, it’s a pampering worth experiencing.

They even have the most delicious and beautiful floating breakfastA must try if you’re staying at the hotel and have a private pool!

Seen the Bali Floating Breakfast photos on Instagram? You have to try one!

When it comes to their signature baths, there isn’t a component they don’t have covered. 

Celebration of Flowers: starting at IDR 450K | 45 minutes

Signature Bali flower bath is called the celebration of flowers and truly lives up to its name! This is the crown jewel of pampering yourself because the feeling of royalty is present from setting foot onto the vibrant flower bath scene.

Aimed at invigorating not only the body but mind and soul, the delicate and intricately laid flower bath, is a Balinese experience of serenity that will bring peace to the busy mind.   


Citrus Bath: starting at IDR 450K | 45 minutes

The refreshing bath of citrus is another reason why this place takes the title of the best spa in Ubud.

Aimed at rejuvenating the skin using the essence of orange and lemon as well as orange leaves aid the skin cells regeneration.

Coupled with milk the bath base assists in making skin softer and more supple after you’ve endured Indonesia’s harsh sun and humidity. This could not be a better way to get more Vitamin C into your system! 

TRAVELIST TIP: If you are not staying at the hotel, but staying elsewhere in Ubud, they have a shuttle service, that picks up and drop you off in the Ubud center. Just be sure to ask them about this when making your booking as well as notify them that you want to head back on the first shuttle back after your treatment to avoid waiting too long. 

Location: Ubud
Price range: starting from IDR 450K++
Baths: Citrus and celebration of Flowers
Other Activities: Try their incredible floating breakfast 
WHAT WE LOVE: The Kaveri Packages, Their diversity of menu options for individuals and couples is incredibly affordable and worth the treat on your Bali trip

Karsa Spa Bali Ubud

When it comes to value for money, this Balinese spa takes the title of most affordable flower bath in Bali

However, don’t be fooled by the cheap massage prices, this might be a cheap spa, but the VALUE FOR MONEY GOES A LONG WAY, making this also one of the busiest health spa Ubud has to offer.

Karsa Spa Ubud has an array of Balinese traditional and Hindu Ayurvedic treatments, this facility has received reviews for the best massage in Bali along with being an affordable health retreat.

Bali massage costs here are as little as IDR 260k for a 60-minute traditional Balinese massage, but also on offer is reflexology, Chinese cupping and singing bowl healing vibrations.

Bali Flower Bath with scrub and massage: Their flower bath is offered after any massage treatment for an add on of only IDR 250K (body scrub and bath) or IDR 150K if you only want the bath

I highly recommend the scrub treatments, especially the Balinese Boreh with tamarind or the Javanese Luhur with clay body mask

These are the Flower Baths Bali options they offer:

Flower Bath: delicately dressed and intricately laden with beautiful vibrant bath flower petals. 

Balinese Spice Bath: includes roots, leaves, Balinese spices and tree bark

Detox Bath: lavender essential oils, Epsom salts, sodium bicarb and sea salt

Location: Ubud
Price range: Massage + IDR 250K (for bath and scrub) of + IDR 150K (for bath only)
Baths: Flower, Detox and Spice bath
Other activities: As a spa prioritizing healing, Reiki is also an offering aimed at working your energy to help balance and harmonise the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
WHAT WE LOVE: THE PRICES! Literally, you could do a spa treatment every day of your trip for prices this low.

TRAVELIST TIP: Karsa Spa gets busy! Seriously! you need to book in advance, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that you will get a booking calling the day before. this spa has been known to take bookings from a month prior, so I suggest, when you know your Bali travel dates, book with them immediately to secure your spot, ESPECIALLY for the flower baths!

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Looking for a Private Pool and Villa? Ubud Bali plays hosts to options for everyone!

Kamandalu Ubud – Chana and Forest Spa

The epitome of the best spa resort in Bali! The ambience of this Bali spa resort is that of opulence, luxury and romance. Although visiting as an individual provides double the indulgence! 

Kamandalu Resort also tops my Floating Breakfast Bali List but its iconic island and jungle-style paradise designs create the atmosphere evoking tranquillity and serenity.

At Kamandalu, you’ll find two spas, Chana Spa and Forest Spa

At Chana Spa, a focus is placed on healing and togetherness:

Signature treatments such as Wrapped in Love and Royal Touch, along with traditional treatment packages like Balinese Boreh and Javanese Royal Luhur and Javanese Royal Romance Rituals. These treatments already include a flower, herb or milk bath option. Flower bath inclusive treatments starting from IDR 1.8 million

The Kamandalu Escape and Heaven one day packages also include a flower bath.

Graciously placed on the edge of the tropical Petanu valley, this Forest Spa is the perfect place that allows travellers to flee the pressures of daily life and reconnect with nature whilst receiving authentic Balinese treatment under a treetop canopy. Treatments start from IDR 1.2 million

Although you can’t have a flower bath at Forest Spa, there is the option to use their equally Instagrammed Forest swing bed. 

This definitely heads the charge for one of the best resorts in Ubud. Bali Luxury hotels like this make the price tag all the more worth it when you consider that you’ll never get this level of green paradise and luxury for this price in other parts of the world. 

Location: Ubud
Price Range: Included in spa packages and treatments at Chana spa (only signature, traditional and romantically inspired and one-day treatments starting from IDR 1.8 million); flower baths Bali can also be arranged for staying guests at an extra fee – contact the resort. 
Baths: Flower and honey, flower and herb, Flower, herb and milk bath
Other Activities: Stay the night and try their floating breakfast, get a treatment at the Forest Spa and try the Forest swing daybed as well as trying their boat dining experience which is particularly unique to this resort!
WHAT WE LOVE: Can’t I just list everything? The spa, the floating breakfast, the boat dining, the swim-up bar, the forest day bed swing, they even offer a yoga retreat – BALI’S TOP RESORT FOR SURE! 

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Tirta empul temple in Bali holy spring temple
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Puri Gangga

Another of Puri Gangga Ubud Bali hotels that top my list for a floating breakfast in Bali, has embraced the incredible flower bath in Bali phenomenon. 

The standout of this stunning boutique hotel is its magnificent surroundings, 50 shades of green are not only the jungle landscape and rice terraces but also the colour your Instagram followers will turn after they see your incredible snaps from this place. 

The Dewi Gangga Spa overlooks the glorious sacred holy spring baths of Gunung Kawi. An extensive selection of rejuvenating treatments is on offer which takes place in the stunning Ubud retreat featuring two semi-open treatment rooms with sunken baths looking out onto a dreamy green paradise

Puri Gangga offers both citrus and flower baths which can be booked individually but I highly recommend doing them as part of a relaxing treatment package like the Puri Gangga, Dewi Gangga and Raja Pala packages starting from IDR 900K

Location: Ubud
Price Range: Included in spa packages and treatments at Chana spa (only signature, traditional and romantically inspired and one-day treatments starting from IDR 1.8 million); flower baths Bali can also be arranged for staying guests at an extra fee – contact the resort. 
Baths: Flower and honey, flower and herb, Flower, herb and milk bath
Other Activities: Stay the night and try their floating breakfast, get a treatment at the Forest Spa and try the Forest swing daybed as well as trying their boat dining experience which is particularly unique to this resort!
WHAT WE LOVE: Can’t I just list everything? The spa, the floating breakfast, the boat dining, the swim-up bar, the forest day bed swing, they even offer a yoga retreat – BALI’S TOP RESORT FOR SURE! 

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Fivelements Ubud

Gently placed on the banks of the Ayung River, Fivelements eco-conscious and award-winning wellness retreat are inspired by the ancient traditions of Balinese life and culture.

With its plant-based restaurant and focus on wellness, it’s no wonder why this hotel and health retreat Bali boasts of is a Tripadvisor 2020 travellers choice year on year.

Although their spa packages may be on the pricier side and have multiple Bali flower bath options starting from IDR 800K per person or IDR 950K per couple for 25 minutes.

Here are their options:

The Sakti bath is a delightful energizing and refreshing citrus option including lemongrass, Balinese orange, lime, pandan leaves, ginger and their signature Sakti bath oil.

The Hibiscus bath offers to energize with cinnamon, red hibiscus and pacah flowers and their signature Prema bath oil.

The Coconut Milk bath aims to harmonize the body with coconut milk and heavenly frangipani flowers and their signature Shanti bath oil.

Seaweed Detox purifies the body with sea salt, seaweed, a touch of lime and juniper berries with their signature Sathya bath oil

Location: Ubud
Baths: Sakti, Aromatic flower, Hibiscus, coconut milk and seaweed detox baths
Price Range: starting from IDR 800K or 950K per couple for 25 minutes
Other activities: They have a variety of different activities ranging from yoga, detoxing, retreats, plant-based eating and meditation. One can truly find peace here. 
WHAT WE LOVE: The abundance of wellness options! Yoga, relaxation, meditation, healing, retreats and detoxes- THEY HAVE EVERYTHING you could possibly need!

TRAVELIST TIP: If you’re not staying at the hotel, make sure to at least try some of the incredible plant-based cuisines on offer as they have quite a variety in the Sakti dining room

Adiwana Hotels and Resorts

This is the powerhouse luxury hotels and spas in Ubud. They are namely Adiwana Svarga Loka, Adiwana Bisma, Adiwana Arya Villas, Adiwana Monkey forest, Adiwana Arkara and Adiwana Jembawan.

As the official spa of Adiwana Hotels, each Tejas Spa offers different signature treatments that are aligned with the hotel vibes.

Certain Ardiwana hotels have room and flower bath rates as low as IDR 800++ during the Bali tourism revival period

And even more deals including free-floating breakfasts or free massages with room booking rates

Book: Adiwana Svarga Loka, Adiwana Bisma, Adiwana Arya Villas, Adiwana Monkey Forest, Adiwana Arkara and Adiwana Jembawan
Location: Ubud
Price Range: included with spa treatment packages and certain room rates during the Bali tourism revival period – make contact with the specific hotel regarding the flower bath add-on option.
Baths: flower bath, open-air flower baths, Bali flower pool, in-room flower baths
Other activities: this will depend on exactly which hotel you stay at, but trust me you’ll have an abundance of options to choose from
WHAT WE LOVE: The incredible open-air flower baths, Bali magic like this is only found here, as well as the breathtaking infinity pools and scrumptious floating breakfast that you can devour in your private villa pool

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Flower Bath Bali East

Wapa Di Ume Sideman

This truly is a hidden gem located in East Bali. Tucked away in the Karangasem Regency is the 5-star boutique resort Wapa di Ume.

Boasting uninterrupted 360-degree views of Mount Agung and flanked with breathtaking rice terraces. This tranquil retreat gives the Ubud resorts a run for their money with these spectacular views.

Having a Bali spa massage here is unlike another when you take the view that your eyes get to feast on. Apart from the view (but seriously, I can’t get over it), they offer floating breakfasts, cooking classes, a yoga pavilion and a jaw-dropping infinity pool

There is also only 3 room options, which cater to the secluded and social distanced nature of this incredible boutique hotel. 

Their baths are:

A Herbal bath to soothe and restore energy and balance in tired travellers, a salt bath to heal, soothe and relieve joint and muscle aches, 

A hydrating Milk bath,

The quintessential Aromatherapy Flower bath with essential oil options like jasmine, rose, frangipani and lavender

A zesty Citrus bath option to get your extra dose of Vitamin C

Sideman, Bali East (they also have a resort in Ubud)
Price Range
: Currently a flower bath only cost IDR 350K++ during the Bali Tourism revival period and a citrus bath is IDR 650K++but these are subject to change
Baths: Herbal, Sea salt, milk, citrus and aromatherapy flower baths
Other activities: Although you might feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, there are plenty of options to try a Balinese cooking class, trekking the surrounding lands suitable for various fitness levels, yoga at the pavilion and definitely a floating breakfast
WHAT WE LOVE: THE VIEWS, along with the seclusion away from the bustling Bali city life

TRAVELIST TIP: Wapa Di Ume also have a branch in Ubud, so if you’re not looking to venture on too far to Sideman, try their Ubud option!

Flower Bath Bali Seminak

Prana Spa

On arrival at Prana Spa, Bali seems to have left the building because you’re instantly transported to the stunning and vibrant Middle East and India.

With the strong architectural influence of India and the Middle East, this spa employs the beauty of Moroccan rustic flair coupled with the royalty of sultans and queens of the East

Prana spa offers a wonderful variety of treatments including massages, body and Ayurvedic treatments as well as yoga. This Bali spa Seminyak has to offer is not only incredible for a good massage but the atmosphere and ambience truly transport you to an exotic land. 

Their Flower baths consist of Flower or Herbal baths starting at IDR 300K and IDR 400K for the milk bath

Price Range:
starting from IDR 300K++
Baths: Flower bath, Herbal baths and Milk baths
The tented ceiling and stunning painted canvas and decor’ is truly reminiscent of a royal paradise

Nyuh Bali (Seminyak and Ubud)

How incredible is it that this incredible boutique hotel has options for Ubud as well as Seminyak

In Seminyak, Nyuh stunning escape is designed as an oasis to unwind while having easy access to enjoy the Seminyak vibes. With conveniences just a stone’s throw away, there’s even an onsite butler to cater to your every whim! This means, you definitely should try to stay a night or two here!

Nestled in the south of Ubud, Nyuh is a few km from the Ubud city centre, here you’ll find a luxury retreat embraced by authentic Balinese living.

In Seminyak, the Nyuh spa offers the Bali flower bath included in treatment packages:
like Tropical Nyuh Coconut package including a coconut milk bath
and the self-indulgence, package offers an essential oil bath.
The couples package include a Rose bath and a herbal remedies bath option.
These packages start from IDR 530++ 

The boutique hotel Ubud offers the Mahamaya Spa:
the self-indulgence packages include baths like Balinese flower bath,
aromatherapy bubble bath
and the herbal remedies
and coconut milk baths are included in the couples choice packages.
These packages start from IDR 850K++

Book: Nyuh Seminyak | Nyuh Ubud
Seminyak and Ubud
Price range: Packages start from IDR 530K++ in Seminyak and IDR 850K++ in Ubud which includes the flower bath. Depending on your celebration you can personally discuss with the hotel regarding other ideas and arrangements.
Baths: Aromatherapy, Rose, Coconut milk and herbal remedies baths
Other Activities: Seminyak: a variety of tours, should you wish to explore greater Bali and in Ubud: daily walking tours, Balinese purification ceremonies, Balinese cooking classes, market tours, Balinese craft classes and even yoga!
WHAT WE LOVE: The attention to detail from the staff and the incredible packages they have for literally EVERY occasion. 

TRAVELIST TIP: If you’re staying the night here, GO ALL IN if you’re with your partner and arrange a couples dinner that has your very own chef and try a floating breakfast in your private villa pool the next morning!

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panoramic view of broken beach nusa penida west bali day trip to nusa penida
Angels Billabong on Nusa Penida west a day trip to nusa penida destination
Kelingking Cliff Nusa Penida West Bali Indonesia landscape view with sunset

Flower Bath Bali Canggu

Theanna Eco Village and Spa

A gorgeous offering of Theanna Eco Village in Canggu for the Eco-conscious traveller looking for contemporary style with the best of Balinese and Japanese architecture.

Intimacy and privacy is a priority here which means that each villa features a completely private pool and entrance.

They have absolutely lovely spa treatments with a great variety and options for couples too.