24 Epic Places to Watch a Magical Sunset in Bali

A sunset in Bali is somewhat of a magical experience on the island. The pastel sunsets in Bali often have clouds that create breathtaking fiery sky scenes and make for one of the best ways to spend your eveningwith a coconut or Bintang in hand.

The ombre of orange, pink, red and purple Bali sunsets coupled with cotton-candy clouds are often viewed from various locations like hiked clifftop, a vibey beach bar, a serene rice terrace or even next to a floating water temple.

Whether you love trekking volcanoes, culturally rich temples, or spell-binding waterfalls, the sunset in Bali offers a spectacular ambience.

Having sampled my fair share of Bali sunset scenes living on the archipelago, Join me as we visit the most jaw-dropping Bali sunset spots to end your day on a perfect note!

TRAVELIST TIP: The search for an epic sunset in Bali is a ridiculously easy one because there are plenty of places that offer the best vantage of the sunset panorama, but you will definitely have to choose your place wisely if you’re looking for a quiet, serene sunset moment – cause many of these places will get rather crowded.


I’ve sorted the Bali sunset locations in SOUTH, NORTH AND EAST BALI which include the areas of Kuta/Jimbaran, Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Amed (to name a few) and further included below:


View type

Best Time to Visit

Cost (if any)


What Time is Sunset in Bali?

Sunset times in Bali will depend on the time of the year you’re visiting, typical sunset times Bali range between 18:00 to 18:30. Check out this website for the latest timings

South Bali

Uluwatu Sunset Locations

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the most spectacular viewpoints for sunset at Bali temples on the southwestern tip. Perched on a cliff edge, with a drop of 70 metres, and surrounded by a mesmerizing view of the ocean.

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See the sacred “kecak” fire dance performed on the cliffside, adjacent to the temple.

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Apart from the other sunset seekers at the temple, it’s home to thousands of cheeky monkeys too.

TRAVELIST TIP: As cute as these critters are, The Balinese monkeys are drawn to shiny objects and food and ARE NOT SHY. Be wary of wearing shiny objects and things that are attached to you. They may try their luck on an item or two from you.

There’s also a great opportunity to watch the Kecak fire dance a Balinese dance performance telling a traditional tale. This view is an incredible backdrop for the climax of a traditional tale.


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Half-Day Tour: Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Fire Dance Show (5 star rated, 23 Reviews & Viator Badge of Excellence)

View Type: Ocean Landscape
Best time to visit: Arrive an hour or two before sunset to explore the temple surroundings, the Kecak dance starts a little before sunset.
Cost: IDR 30 000 temple entry fee

Seating: There is seating around the open-air theatre for the Kecak fire dance, but you will usually spend your time wandering through the temple surrounds before sunset.

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Karang Boma Cliff (Uluwatu Cliff)

This is a spot that you might not see other Bali sunset lists but is steadily growing in popularity on Instagram. It boasts 180-degree views of the Indian ocean and a 100-metre cliff face drop!

The bouldered cliffs at Karang Boma (Uluwatu Cliff) tower above a magnificent sea scene below. Uluwatu Temple can be sighted in the distance on its rocky cliff perch.

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It is possible to walk out to the very edge of Uluwatu Cliff but as always please do so at your own risk. The drop is deadly, so please be cautious when exploring and getting your coveted shots.

TRAVELIST TIP: If you’re not heading there with a tour, the Google maps location (type in Karang Boma) will lead you to the end of a paved road and a locked gate and small parking lot. You might think the venue is closed, but the dirt path on the right is the route to get to this stunning locale.

View Type: Ocean Landscape
Best Time to visit: Between 17:00 and 18:00 for the best golden hour lighting (there may now be a queue to get a good shot at sunset time so come earlier to be first in line)
Cost: IDR 10 000 (there is a ticket box office to pay to)
Seating: There is a little bit of space to sit, but bring a mat or towel and some light snacks too.

TRAVELIST TIP: If you want the epic cliff-facing shot, you will need a tripod on which to mount your camera, or even better is to use a drone, as the pictures will need to be taken from a distance. The best framing for this incredible shot is from the opposite of the cliff you’re standing on. Set your camera/go pro to wide-angle for the best photo options!

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Balangan Beach

This is a low-key stretch of 200 metres white sandy beach with a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean it is graced with absolutely stunning sunset views and many viewpoints from which to witness the epic closure of the day.

Viewpoint 1: Balangan Cliff viewpoint

There are actually two viewpoints here too, The first is on the rocky cliff edge that overlooks the ocean (also very popular for wedding photography) so it may get a bit crowded but there actually more than enough space to sit down and take in the sunset.

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The second is further down by a circular platform covered in lush vines but provides a stunning and serene view of the ocean and beachfront.

Viewpoint 2: Balangan Beach

TRAVELIST TIP: Walk towards the right of the cliff to get the best vantage point, but get different framing options because the colours and different landscaped areas make for magnificent photographic moments.

View Type: Ocean and beach landscape
Best time to visit: From 17:30, but if you’re going for a beach day, head out anytime from noon to midday.
Cost: IDR 5000 (for parking)
Seating: Bring your beach kit and mat and some snacks or purchase food for the great local restos and stalls near the beach

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Single Fin

Watching a Bali beach sunset here is definitely worth ticking off the bucket list.

Single Fin is a multi-level and live music beach club that is perched on a clifftop with a stunning view of Suluban Beach.

It’s a stunning beach club and even has an infinity pool. Hosting seating around the perimeter, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled sunset spot and refreshing thirst quencher.

TRAVELIST TIP: Head down to the beach before sunset, its a lovely little stretch of beach to explore and enjoy too, before you head up for your sunset sundowner.

View Type: Beach and ocean landscape
Best Time to Visit: Be there from 17:30 at the latest, or a few hours before sunset to enjoy the beach and pool there too.
Cost: Single Fin menu items starting from IDR 30 000++, IDR 5000 (parking fee)
Seating: There are wonderful booths, bar stool options and tables around the perimeter of the restaurant, so you are spoilt for choice!

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Dreamland Beach

Well doesn’t the name just say it all?

Located on the Bukit Peninsula, this secluded little gem is a great way to escape the crowds and bustle of Bali city life and enjoy the serenity of the sun sinking into the ocean.

Showcasing one of the clearest sunset beach Bali views that stretch out over white sand enclosed by limestone cliffs that line the rugged turquoise coastline which also make it a surfers paradise.

This truly is one of the best Bali sunsets in Uluwatu!

TRAVELIST TIP: If you are heading here by car, you’ll have to park a bit of a distance from the beach and then take a free shuttle bus there and back, if you’re on a motorbike then you can park a bit closer.

With sun loungers to rent and cafes to nourish this makes for a wonderful sunset beach. Bali locations like this are few and far between so make the most of visiting a hidden gem like this one. The sunbeds are nice to use but aren’t free and there also several people offering massages too.

TRAVELIST CAUTION: The ocean here is FIERCE, it is a haven for surfers seeking waves, but if you are not a strong swimmer I don’t suggest heading in.

TRAVELIST TIP: Explore the limestone cliffs area, these jaw-dropping rocks are absolutely stunning!

View Type: Ocean and beach landscape
Best Time to visit: Spend the afternoon here, anytime from 12:00 is great
Cost: IDR 15 000 (for Parking), Sunbeds (IDR 150 000K – pricing may vary)
Seating: There are many cafes and restaurants above the beach as well as beach loungers that can be used for a fee

Kuta / Jimbaran Sunset Locations

Sunset at Bali beaches like Kuta and Jimbaran Bay are sprawled across Instagram traveller feeds for a reason! This is also a place to experience Bali at night! These are some of the hottest places to witness Bali sunset times and catch the magnificent golden hour lighting of a pastel sunset in Bali!

TRAVELIST TIP: The areas of Kuta and Jimbaran are pretty much in the same area. There are many sunset Kuta spots that other sites may have listed in the area of Seminyak because the areas are so closely placed. Finding places that are listed under Kuta beach sunsets actually fall into Jimbaran specifically for sunset. Kuta Bali and Jimbaran are in the same location so just be sure to check the locations on Google maps for accuracy.

Tegal Wangi Beach – Jimbaran

This hidden beach is an absolute stunner.

Let’s start by saying that getting there will require a bit of effort, i.e. climbing down a rocky cliff – but it has been done.

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Once your reach the beach below, the stretch of beach reveals intricately covered seaweed rocks and a panorama of the ocean that leaves you breathless.

This could be the best sunset beach in Baliin my opinion

It’s surprising that this hidden gem is actually not even that well-known to locals, considering its only 100 metres from the Ayana Jimbaran Resort and Spa.

What makes this spot even more enticing is a hidden cave that is only accessible at low tide.

TRAVELIST TIP: To get the most epic cavernous shots of the cave, set your camera to a wide-angle and be sure to get there before sunset and only during low tide. The wide-angle creates the best framing of the cave.

View Type: Ocean and beach landscape (and a cave!)
Best Time to Visit: Get there before Bali sunset time, i.e.: from 17:00 onwards especially if you want to get some nice shots with the cave and sunset lighting. Be sure to be out of there before the tide comes in and back on the clifftop
Cost: FREE!
Seating: Bring your beach kit if you plan to stick around, there are no shops or stalls here.

Jimbaran Bay


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This is one of the best locations to try freshly caught seafood (from over 17 beachfront restaurants in the area).

Sink your toes into the sand and watch the fiery sunset. Jimbaran Beach Seafood Cafe is a popular choice as well as Bawang Merah Beachfront Cafe.

There are many tours of Bali that end with a stunning evening watching the sunset, Jimbaran Bali seafood is totally worth trying on your trip!

View Type: Ocean and beach landscape
Best time to visit: Head to the restaurant from 17:00 to secure a great seat or book a tour that ends with a Bali sunset dinner.
Cost: Will depend on your meal price, day tours with Jimbaran sunset dinner cost as little as IDR 700 000++
Seating: The seating at the sunset dinner Bali experience will depend on the restaurant with some literally on the sand of the beach.

Looking for a sunset dinner cruise? Bali Jimbaran has The Black Pearl is a great option

Rock Bar Ayana Resort and Spa – Jimbaran

Reviewed by the likes of Conde Nest, Forbes and CNN, the Ayana Rock Bar tops the list of the most luxurious and stunning places to enjoy sunset time. Bali’s Rock Bar is perched upon a distinctive cliff offering sweeping views of the Jimbaran’s ocean panorama.


Rimba by Ayana Jimbaran Bali

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This is luxury cocktail hour at its finest with glamourous sunset viewing, exquisite dining and an after-dark ambience that makes this open-air bar worth waiting in line for.

TRAVELIST TIP: Dress to impress. Ayana is one of the best resorts in Bali, so this is a strictly smart location. Attire requires closed shoes, long pants and covered shoulders for men. Alcohol-branded clothing is also prohibited as well as the bringing in of backpacks etc for security reasons.

View Type: Ocean landscape
Best Time to Visit: Get there early as there may be a queue to get in even with bookings. (opening hours 16:00 to 21:00)
Cost: Menu items start from IDR 90 000++
Seating: 180-degree view deck seating allows literally every seat to get carte Blanche of the Bali sunset

Seminyak Sunset Locations

Potato Head Beach Club

A trip to Bali just simply isn’t complete without heading to this eclectic, vibrant and chic beach club along Petigetenget Beach.

Potato Head Beach Club could possibly be one of the trendiest and busiest places to watch the sunset Seminyak provides whilst taking in the best Bali beaches sunset.

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With its incredibly unique window shutter walls and ceiling facade that have been ever-present on the Instagram feeds. This Seminyak sunset beach club delivers Instagram opportunities, delicious morsels and endless beach vibes

It’s cosy day beads with ocean vantage and giant infinity pools and swim-up bars, its no guessing why many travellers flock to this Seminyak beach club and make a day of it!

View Type: Beach and ocean landscape
Best Time to visit
: If yore going to make a day of it, (which I recommend you do), head there from lunchtime so secure your spot. If you’re coming for sundowners then make sure to book first to avoid not getting in at this busy sunset Seminyak Bali beach bar.
Cost: IDR 500 000++ is the minimum spend for using the infinity pool daybeds and IDR 1 million is the minimum spend for the Ocean facing day beds. Menu items at the restaurant and bar start from as little as IDR 45 000++
Seating: Daybeds at the infinity pool, tables at the restaurant, beachfront facing daybeds there also a swim-up bar too in case you don’t feel like sitting!

Double-Six Rooftop Sunset Bar

This jaw-dropping sunset Bali beach bar is located on the rooftop of Double Six’s Luxury Hotel. It is one of the largest rooftop bars in Bali at a whopping 1700+ sqm!

TRAVELIST TIP: This is a smart-casual dress venue, so no vests, flip flops or alcohol-branded attire is allowed.

What’s even more incredible is its unique sky surround seating podscalled floating pods. They are round seating areas the float on infinity pool pods – JUST incredible!

TRAVELIST TIP: Booking in advance is essential to secure a floating pod seat

View Type: Ocean Landscape
Best Time to Visit: Head there before sunset to ease into the sundowner vibe.
Cost: There is a minimum spend to use the floating pods of IDR 1 million, but at the regular seating there is no minimum spend
Seating: I suggest trying the floating pods, especially if you’re in a group, the costs work out to a minimal amount, there are also regular tables and a bar area is also available

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La Plancha

When one pictures Bali beach vibes, it’s usually the image of La Plancha that comes to mind.

A sunset on Seminyak beach list couldn’t be complete without mentioning this location!